Management Gorropu


Ticket price:
  • € 5,00 full fare
  • € 3,50 reduced fare
Method of payment: ONLY CASH
Monday to Sunday
We kindly request all visitors to use prudence and to follow behavioural and safety rules:
  • To provide oneself with suitable shoes and clothes
  • To choose a right departure hours to conclude the tour
  • To bring enough water and food if you want to make a detour in the canyon
  • If you want to go through the canyon without an expert guide or choose an alternative route, we recommend, for your safety, to communicate with our staff in the ticket office.
we suggest to turn to a professional guides.
It’s forbidden:
  • to light fires
  • to take away fossils and stones
  • to uproot native vegetation
  • to leave rubbish
  • to equip the canyon faces whit climbing anchors, nails, etc, without authorization
  • to move, to tamper with or to replace the equipment and the instruments arranged to go through the critical points
The staff kindly recommend the excursionists to avoid excessive noises (shout, whistles, etc) which can frighten the wild fauna and disturb the other people.