You can enjoy trekking at different levels of difficulty, with or without a guide. Transfer in off-road vehicles from/to Campo Base and other points.
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The Canyon

The Gorropu Canyon marks the border between the territories of Orgosolo and Urzulei and it is about 1,5 km long. Its features make this place an unmissable masterpiece of nature.

Tourist Information Office

For any information you can find a tourist office at the entrance of the Canyon. Opening Time 10:00 am – Closing Time 5:00 pm.

Notte in Supramonte

If you accommodate at Hotel Supramonte, you can spend the night in a terrace, enjoy a breath-taking view and taste traditional Sardinia food under a starry sky.
There is a place, between Ogliastra and Barbagia, the Supramonte and the sea, where the wonderful landscape impresses the visitors, where you can buy local food and breathe pure air. You can visit interesting naturalistic, archaeological or cultural sites.