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The Canyon

La gola di Gorropu segna il confine naturale tra i territori comunali di Urzulei e Orgosolo, è lunga circa 1,5 km, dalla punta Cucutos (m. 888), sprofonda per circa 500 m.; sul fondo si restringe sino a raggiungere in alcuni punti la larghezza minima di 4-5 m.

Le caratteristiche di dimensione e forma rendono Gorropu un luogo di altissimo pregio e di valenza mondiale, un autentico capolavoro della natura e allo stesso tempo un prezioso scrigno di biodiversità.

Rain waters, that from the spurs of the Gennargentu concentrate on the stream Flumineddu, and going through the Supramonte, have eroded, smoothed and dissolved the calcareous rocks as far as to form the Gorropu gorge.
Smoothed and karstified carbonatic rocks contain a rich content of fossils…

A so particular habitat, like the one that has been created inside the gorge of Gorropu, has favoured the premise for the presence of endemisms and other particular environmental aspects.
In particular we must mention the herb species Aquilegia nuragica or Aquilegia di Gorropu…

Besides being a great landscape and geological monument, Gorropu represents, from another point of view, an important historical and cultural monument.
Looking at the orography, but even at the distribution of the several surrounding nuraghi, it can be deduced how in the past the canyon had a fundamental strategic and defensive function…


Due to weather conditions today the canyon Gorropu will be closed