Free Climbing


The Hotel Supramonte climbing way, the most famous of the canyon, stands out and is characterized, as well as by the difficulty, even for its beauty and its route exposure, wildly overhanging. The original toponym of the wall is Su pìgiu de Totona (“Totona’s wall”). Among the hardest and most fascinating in Europe, very few climbers are able to climb over it.

The route:

  • Riu FluminedduPunta Cucutos
  • Put up in 5 days in May 1998 (bivouac in the “Hotel Supramonte” niche) by Roberto Vigiani and Rolando Larcher
  • Others who helped were Letizia Deavi and Maurizio Oviglia
  • It is 400 m high (64 bolts, 22 for the belays) with 7c obligatory and 8b max. It was freed in 4 days in May 1999 by Rolando Larcher and Roberto Vigiani